Site Responsive Sculpture


Installation of  In-between , Hanover, Germany

Installation of In-between, Hanover, Germany

In-Between, 2002

The sculpture In-between by Hans Breder originally originated in 1971 under the title "Aussenobjekt Hannover" and was part of the "street art program". Corrosion and vandalism led Breder to create a new version in 2002. It has a distinctly different shape from that of the old sculpture; it was placed near the old site. In-between is made of Corten steel work. This is a weather-resistant structural steel, which forms a stable rust layer on its surface. In a leaflet of the Municipal Office of Culture, it is said about the sculpture that it is at first minimal and pragmatic. In relation to the urban environment of their location, the concentrated effect opens up: The directions, lines and planes contained in the plastic continued in the surroundings.